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Greenshot - Screenshot tool

on Sat Mar 05, 2016 8:38 pm
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Greenshot is a screenshot tool, supports several image formats as well as saving part or all of a screen into a file within one second's time.

This program takes only a small amount of memory, a real plus over similar software that are memory hogs. Three hotkeys keep it simple and you can access an options menu with a right click of the mouse. You can choose to capture just the visible window, a section of it or the entire screen. Once you capture the shot the editor will almost immediately open and allow you to add textboxes or shapes such as boxes, arrows and others to your shot. You can then save it in one of several image formats to be placed in a file, on the clipboard or send it directly to your printer.

It's easy to be sure you're capturing the correct image with Greenshot, as the area to be captured turns green. You can then proceed or adjust your areas. Once you have Greenshot capture the image, you'll hear a sound similar to that a camera's shutter makes.

The hotkeys also feature a capture and share option which makes it easy to distribute your screenshot. Once you've saved it, it's simple to send it to a friend or colleague quickly and easily. Greenshot is also very user friendly, allowing you to choose among several options to gear it to your preferences.

Greenshot is a small program, quick to download and efficient without unnecessary bells and whistles. It also does its job well without making demands on your computer's resources. If you need an image capture application for documentation at your job, blogging, emailing or other reasons, Greenshot is highly recommended.

Visit Greenshot's homepage Here for more info.

Download Greenshot

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