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News, announcement Graphics, Freebies, and Collectibles Oh My!

on Mon Aug 22, 2016 7:57 pm
Hello my GB friends.

While things were changing and progressing here, I decided to once again buy into a hosting package,
mostly because I wanted to get as many of my eggs in one basket as possible. I have become a little disorganized in my old age lol and actually, wanted my own stores, and control of them to be honest I love you

Anyhow, what I have done, since I had already owned the http://www.digiscrapcafe.com and net domains for quite some time, I could not use it on the new host, and since I already owned http://www.treasuredscrapsrva.com, I had to use my Tangible Goods title, which I had been using for markets like Meylah, Etsy, etc...
SO, http://www.TreasuredScrapsRVA.net was born.

This address, http://www.TreasuredScrapsRVA.net now houses both my digital graphics business, and my vintage collectibles business. If it is just graphics, especially commercial use graphics, you can still find the store link at the main address, http://www.digiscrapcafe.com , but the actual digital store now resides at

What you will find on my main website

One of the main reasons I am being long winded here, is because, while buying into the hosting, I also wanted to create a space for artists, designers, and other sellers, with stores, or markets to advertise for free. I got kinda sick of seeing free classifieds sites that cater to everything but what your looking for, and is a sea of get rich ads, and schemes. So I decided to create my own, and moderate it to the point that nothing like that is ever added. 

So I invite anyone who is interested, to place your free ads there, 3 month intervals, free, etc...


Your ad won't show up till it's verified, so be patient, usually the same day.

You will also find links to my main stores, projects and websites, including my Print On Demand projects, my fashion projects, my Zazzle shops, my freebies, blogs, and other resources.

I hope you will visit my site, and take advantage of what is offered. Please share if you like what you see, and subscribe to my newsletter, and blogs for sales, and freebie notices.
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News, announcement Re: Graphics, Freebies, and Collectibles Oh My!

on Fri Sep 09, 2016 4:41 am
Very Nice! What's your overall goal for all your sites?

Graphics, Freebies, and Collectibles Oh My! Mmm
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